What if you’re blood was worth a lot? I mean it’s worth a bunch currently, people need blood transfusions to save them and all that. But what if your blood could be made to coin? Well, welcome to Everless. Blurb 2018’s bestselling YA book. Time is a prison. She is the key. Packed with danger, […]

It’s the classic 5 go in, 4 come back. Jane Harper, author of best-selling ‘The Dry’, is back with her second book featuring the ever illusive detective Falk. This time set with the backdrop of Australia’s suffocating and expansive ranges, Falk is set with the task to find, or find out, what happened to the […]

I’m going to put my hand up now and say I’ve never read any of Cressida Cowell’s books, except this one. I’ve heard about the well-known series of ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and even find Toothless adorable in the movie – a bit like a cat. But I’ve never read any of her stuff. […]

When you’re a teenager, you feel pretty much invincible. Like nothing can touch you. You want to take on the world and you feel like your parents are trying to stop you. This is what this book reminds me of. Teenage rebellion. Blurb A bracing, hypnotic coming-of-age story about the bond of best friends, from […]

Can I just say, that I’ve completely fallen in love with Winternight books.  I mean seriously. If you grew up reading fairy tales, then you’d love this. A Russian fairy-tale without the damsel in distress. A fierce but lovable Ice King and the ever-growing discomfort between religions – old and new. This book is the second […]

Video games. The thing that takes over the tv in the front room and that takes up so much of our time. You can spend hours sucked into a game, basically a story where you can move around and play right through till the end. A bit like a book in a way. (And yes, […]

I’ve previously read a book by Laura before for another book tour last year. And this book does not disappoint, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Blurb A gripping mystery with a heart-breaking revelation, The Secrets Between Us is a sublimely satisfying story of lost love, betrayal and the dangers of war. Perfect for fans of Kate Morton’s The Lake […]