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First impressions of: Book by John Agard

So as well as writing, I love to read. I read a number of different things and even have been known to read YA fiction as well as non-fiction. Running a Beaver/Cub unit with kids ranging from 6-10 also helps with my wide variety of books – fiction interests me,  as well as how it […]


Definition: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. I’ve never said I’m a feminist. I’ve never even thought or heard of the word until perhaps this year when feminism became the forefront of many minds. Have you seen Emma Watson’s speech for the UN campaign of HeforShe? You really […]

First Impressions of: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J K Rowling

So I know this book came out years ago but I never actually got around to reading it. Don’t get me wrong I was a Harry Potter fan and I watched all the movies but I just never got in to reading the books. So I was quite pleased when this book came up on […]

First Impressions of : Junk by Melvin Burgess

Another Book for my Childrens Literature course. Junk was published by Penguin Books in 1997. And it’s main focus is around drugs and the people/kids that take them.  I actually found this hard to read, even though it took me less time to read than Coram Boy. There is a number of different narratives […]

First Impressions Of: Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin

This is one of the books I have to read for my Children’s Literature section of my degree. I have a few more books to read but I thought I’d do a short review/first impressions of the books as I read them. Coram Boy is written by Jamila Gavin and was first published in […]

Finding the Perfect Book

Tumblr Image So every year for my birthday I would ask for a Waterstones gift card with the hopes of finding a new book (or possibly two if I was lucky) to wet my appetite and read. I’ve never been one for waiting for a book to be released I used to just walk into […]