Definition: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
I’ve never said I’m a feminist. I’ve never even thought or heard of the word until perhaps this year when feminism became the forefront of many minds.
Have you seen Emma Watson’s speech for the UN campaign of HeforShe? You really should watch it! 
The focus here is of course feminism. 
She argues about when did feminism become such a bad word? Why is it a bad thing to want women and men to be equal. 
The thing that struck me most about this speech is how she involves men. She mentions that men are also a part of this and if we want to make a change we should involve them. Feminism also affects men because they some feminists can be seen as men haters. (N.B just because you’re a feminist doesn’t mean you hate men)

What is your opinion on having celebrities involved in such global problems/issues? We have had Leonardo Di Caprio speak at a UN peace conference and now Emma Watson speaking here for this campaign.
Does it help or hinder the cause? 
Take Emma for example, made famous from the Harry Potter Movie series and a Harvard graduate. She stuck up for Jennifer Laurence about those nude photos and she seems to have her head firmly screwed on. She mentions about research she’s done into the issue, about her own experience of the issue and about the places she’s visited with the UN. I would say she’s a pretty good fit. As long as someone believes in the cause and is willing to put work into trying and making a change then I can’t see there being a problem with involving celebrities in this issue. But that’s my personal opinion and I’d love to know yours – leave me a comment below!
Would you say you yourself are a feminist? And after watching this video does this change the view of feminism?
My own thoughts and opinions on the subject is a bit muddle at the moment. After watching this video though I’m determined to do my research and try and help – sharing this video is a start! But the key thing to take away from this is that we all share a part in this issue. Yes it may affect and be about women but men are as much a part of this problem. They are brought up to be masculine and act a certain way by their fathers and the men before them, and this is just as bad as telling a woman she cannot do something because she is a girl. 
This has got to stop and something has got to change. All of us – men and women – need to get behind this cause and to make a change and show everybody that we are equal and that is okay.

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