First Impressions of: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
This is another one of the books I have read for my Children’s Literature module.
I admit I read this in November but with a lack of Internet it has taken me a while to finally get around to writing this review.
Overall I found the book a bit hard to get in to to be honest. I was planning to read it before I left for Hereford but had to read it once I got there and it was only when I made myself sit down and read it did I actually get it finished.
The book is ranked high by goodreads and reviews on amazon. And it has one an award for being one of the year’s outstanding children’s book. Northern Lights was also turned into a film and has been a major production in the National Theatre, it is the first in a series of 3 books called His Dark Materials. 
I enjoyed the storyline and I also liked the fact that the main character was female. I enjoy reading books that have the main character as female and in this book she is the heroine and saves the day. 
The book focuses on mythological with the involvement of daemons, creatures which are part of humans – it is a bit hard to explain and perhaps understand but it is this ‘magic’ as such that is the focus of the story. There is talking and fighting polar bears and ‘dust’, and the introduction of these magically things is what, I believe, keeps readers interested and asking questions. 
The story is set first in Oxford, amongst scholars and talks of religion, but then moves onto the coldness of the Northern Lights. Readers follow the journey of Lyra, as she travels with gypsies to find the missing children.
The story ends on a cliff hanger, which I find really annoying, but of course there is 2 other books to read after this one. It’s bad because I saw the film, The Golden Compass, before I read the book and thinking back I think they missed quite a bit out, but we all know that they do this for a lot of movies.
This book is marketed towards Young Adult readers but has also been marketed towards adult readers as well, although Younger readers may not understand all the different concepts and scholarly and religious sections but would still enjoy the story without this knowledge. 
Overall I think this book is very well written and deserves all the high class reviews it receives. Definitely a series I would read again!
I also urge you to go and see The Golden Compass – it is such a good film!

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