First Impressions of: Little Woman by Louise Alcott

This includes the edition with Good Wives in it. Little Woman is also a book from my children’s literature course though to be honest I would argue that it is more for young adults than children – but then it would start this whole debate over what is classed as a child and well we don’t need that here.
Little Woman is a more girly book compared to that of Treasure Island. It of course focuses on the lives of four sisters and follows their paths from childhood to adult hood and all that follows.
The book is filled with advice and morals for the girls which readers may bring across to themselves. 
Good wives focuses on what happens to the girls after the first book – this involves marriage and children – which at the time was a focus for young women.
It is also included in penguins classics department but as I mentioned above it is more to be read by young adults and especially teenage girls. However there is not so much focus on marriage or children nowadays so would not be a sort of ‘manual’ as such but as a fictional story.
The characters themselves go through their lives focusing on the pilgrims progress – a book regarding the path to be the best possible person.
Overall though this book is well written and has survived the test of time – especially after being included in penguins classics. If you haven’t read it yet I advise you to do so! 

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