Spring Reads

Spring is finally here, the birds are singing, baby animals are propping up all over the place and flowers are finally blooming. 
And with a new month, comes a new bunch of books. 
Here is my top five pick of books to read this coming months, ready to take you over to the summer. Happy reading!
Penguin Publishers
  • Little Women – a classic and a personal favourite of mine. There’s just something about reading a classic book in the garden, with the birds singing and all that.
Usborne Illustrated
  • Wind in the Willows – another classic and yet also a firm favourite for the spring time months. And if Mole doesn’t inspire you to get Spring Cleaning, then who will?
  • Peter Rabbit – Another classic (there’s got to be a running theme here), this cute little bunny has had a revamp for twenty-first-century children – check out his new site here.
Penguin Publishers
  • Making it up as I go along – a recent release – and on my TBR pile. I was instantly drawn to this book with it’s bright yellow (spring right there) cover and it’s catchy title. Although I have yet to start reading this, I definitely think it’s one to watch – have any of you read it? Rating out of five?
Pan Macmillan (Bluebird)
  • Lean in 15 – this book has been at the top of The Booksellers UK chart for weeks!! Bouncing from first to second place in the polls, Joe has definitely been a wild card in the world of books. Although not fiction, this cookbook is a kick in the right direction for those that have fallen off the new year resolution bandwagon. With recipes for steak, salads and smoothies, this cookbook has earned it’s place on this Spring list. 
With the recent events of the British Weather, sudden showers, possible snow and then a ray of sunshine, now is the perfect time to pick up a book.
And the added bonus of it being bank holiday weekend, go on, take a break and read a book.
Please note that all images are from publishers websites.

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