Foody Recipes for Spring

So spring is well and truly here and with the bringing of warm weather comes the eating of cold food. No I don’t mean constantly eating ice cream for dinner (although that is totally okay), or eating your cheese on toast cold (again, that is totally fine if you like to eat cheese on toast cold), what I mean is salads. Although eating salads 7 days a week is totally fine for some people (I salute you, seriously it would make my life a hell of a lot easier, and my shopping bill cheaper), eating salad 5 days a week can get a bit boring. So with the theme of spring and the upcoming summer in mind, I’ve searched through some recent, and not so recent cookbooks, for a few recipes to see you through the warm and sunny days, when all you really want to eat is ice cream.
(N.B. I have a bunch of cookbooks – kind of a collector – but there are a bunch of great cookery websites – if you have any particular favourite, let me know in the comments below.)
Lean in 15 –
Lean in 15 has taken the UK (although probably the world) by storm. With his vast variety of recipes, including steak!, there is a bunch of things to choose from. Lamb is generally associated with Spring and Joe blogs about this tasty looking dish, this can, of course be served with salad or greens, but new potatoes wouldn’t go amiss (another Spring vegetable).
Mary Berry Absolute Favourites – 
I got given this cookbook and I must admit, I was a bit wary to begin with, but taking a quick flip through, I found some really delicious recipes. There’s a smoked haddock risotto I made the other week, which was divine!
Deliciously Ella – 
Although I don’t have this cookbook (It’s definitely one I want to buy) If you google Deliciously Ella and Spring recipes, you’re sure to find a few. This one definitely pipes my interest, I love carbonara anyway, a quick and easier recipe to do when I come home from work and want some comfort food. This recipe  is a healthier option, with green peas, mushrooms and wholemeal spaghetti, this is definitely worth a try. Although I’m not quite sure I can part with the cheesy goodness just yet.
Happy Foodie – 
This is a new website to me, but quickly it has become a source for drooling with all different recipes from different cookbooks and chefs. This recipe is a breakfast recipe, but could easily be a lunch or small dinner recipe. Seriously, just look at it! It looks almost too good to eat, definitely makes a change from salad. Spring onions and spinach are totally in season right now, so snap them in the local farmers markets (if you’re lucky) or in your local shop.
Vegan Recipe – 
Although not vegan myself, I wanted to add these next two recipes for those with different diets. Spring is a great time to eat lots of fruit and veg, it’s sunny outside (generally) and the weather is warming up. Oh She Glows is a blog I read on and off on bloglovin, she also has not one but two cookbooks! Her recipe for her DIY Burrito bowl looks amazing! And although a more spicier recipe on the list, after this you can fiesta in the sun 😉 
Vegetarian Recipe – 
Stir Frys are really great quick and easier recipes, they were definitely on my list of things to cook when I first moved out and cooking myself. I have Jamie Olivers Everyday Food cookbook (released November of last year (2015)) and I’m not 100% sure whether this recipe is in the cookbook (I admit I have yet to try a recipe of his) but this recipe looks amazing! A great quick recipe for a spring evening, or even for lunch the next day – worth making leftovers! 
So take a look at these recipes and let me know if you try anything, definitely makes a change from salad don’t you think?

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