New Release To Wet Your Appetite

As if it isn’t enough that it’s been announced that Little Brown Publishers will release a new Harry Potter book (technically) titled ‘The Cursed Child’ later this year. There are many more books to look forward to over the oncoming months. 
In the oncoming month (covering the end of May and start of June) in particular there are few books that have caught my eye. 
On a side note, am I the only one that’s noticed how many new cookbooks are being released? And some are not just ‘chefs’ but celebrities of various fame. Looks like a new trend is beginning in the publishing circles. 
Moving swiftly on…
Penguin Publishers
Go Set a Watchmen is released in Paperback next month (June 2nd). After the hardback was released 11th of February this year many, myself included, have waited for the paperback to be released before taking the leap and read Harper Collins, long-awaited second book. I’m excited to read this, but at the same time I’m unsure about it, for me, To Kill a Mockingbird had an ending, yes it could be continued or it could be a stand-alone book. That and the saga regarding Harper Lee didn’t even want it published in the first place… 
Pan Macmillan
After the success of Lean in 15, I’m really excited about Joe Wicks second book, Lean in 15: The Shape Plan to be released mid-June (16th to be exact). His first book has taken the world by storm and his mini instagram videos have taken the social media community by storm, basically this man is a legend to be reckoned with. With more recipes and fitness advice and tips, lets hope this book does as well in the charts as his first book has.
Yellow Kite Books
For the self-help generation, a book soon to be released very soon (19th May) is The Inner Fix, written by dynamic duo Joey Bradford and Persia Lawson aka The Addictive Daughters. After running a successful blog/website and coaching sessions, now they’ve written a book. Definitely worth a read.
Hodder and Stoughton
For all you Stephen King fans, King’s 50+ book is released in hard copy on the 7th of June, another to add to the rather large collection of his books. ‘Both a stand-alone novel of heart-pounding suspense and a sublimely terrifying final episode in the Hodges trilogy, End of Watch takes the series into a powerful new dimension.’ – I think the amazon description sounds rather good, don’t you?

Headline Publishing Group
A book I’m desperate to read next month is This Must Be The Place (Being released 17th May – so technically this month). I’ve seen so many reviews and blog posts regarding this on twitter and the blurb/description sounds amazing. A quote from Amazon which instantly caught my eye is ‘THIS MUST BE THE PLACE crosses time zones and continents to reveal an extraordinary portrait of a marriage.’ Seriously on my TBR pile. 

As mentioned cookbooks seem to be having a major moment currently with celebrities of various fame releasing new books, be that cooking and eating healthier, or baking cakes and other yummy goodies. so we know what we’re doing over the next few months then. Raiding our kitchens and using friends and families as guinea pigs, this is a good idea, right? Right?

Amazon has a great list of new and upcoming books so take a look and see if any take your fancy. 

Note: As always cover images are from the publishers websites. 

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