Them Were The Days | Authors From My Childhood – Jacqueline Wilson

Reading has always been a passion of mine, my father has just recently said that I’ve been reading since I was three, so it’s really no surprise that I ended up in publishing (FYI, I work in publishing). Over the years I’ve read a good few books, some by the same authors and I have a few favourites. So I thought I’d focus on one author every so often and write a few lines about them and my favourite books of theirs whilst growing up.
Jacqueline Wilson OBE is probably one of my first favourite childhood authors, although I continued to read her books well into my late teens. She is still written children books today, although I guess you could argue that her target market is young teens. Although many of her books appeal to teenage girls, take Hetty Feather and Lola Rose, there’s no reason why teenage boys cannot read them. Her books themes are primarily towards young girls, for example; first loves, boyfriends, friends, adventures, shopping, and all those things. Lola Rose (published 2003) primarily focused on a broken home, as did Clean Break (published 2005 years later). Her more recent books seem to be more ‘historical’, with a Victorian-era vibe to them. 
I even got to meet this legendary lady when I was in high school, I think in year 9. She was doing a book signing in my local town and she signed a book for me. Best day ever but I was so shy and awe struck that I couldn’t say anything. That women was, and still is, my idol and is definitely a role model for me.
One of her most successful and well-known series/characters, was Tracey Beaker. I must admit, the Tracey Beaker books I never got to read, however Dani Harmer starred in the CBBC tv series for four years and brought Tracey Beaker into the limelight. 
Jacqueline Wilson’s books are almost always illustrated by Nick Sharratt. A few of his illustrations can be found here.
So there you have it, one of my childhood authors, an author I grew up reading. Who did you grow up reading? And who is your favourite childhood reader? Let me know in the comments below. 
Note: Image is from authors website –

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