The Curious Tail of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit has been thrown into the current market like a surfer on an on-coming wave. Since published in 1902 Beatrix Potter and her collection of furry friends have never been too far from the spotlight. With a movie released in 2006 titled, Miss Potter depicting Beatrix Potter’s life before fame and with the extra push of The National Trust, Beatrice Potters books are still alive and kicking.
Peter Rabbit and Friends have recently been introduced to the younger generation with the help of the BBC and the show Peter Rabbit running on the children’s channels, adding more to the simple bunny story.
A few things to note of Beatrix Potter:
  • This year marks her 150th Birthday and the National Trust is holding her a party!
  • Her full name was Helen Beatrice Potter.
  • She was an amazing artist and the original images in the published books were drawn by herself – talk about a woman of numerous talents!
  • She was invited to study fungi at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew (FYI)
  • During her lifetime, Beatrix bought fifteen farms and took a very active part in caring for them. 
Beatrix Potter is probably one of my most remembered childhood reads, I have the collection of many of her books in a nice little box. With this new face lift, Beatrice’s young rabbit can be brought into the new market, with an updated drawing, new books and a tv show to boot. Gone are the days of video, which I think was only thrown away last year by my parents, gone are the days of the rest of the crew. The main focus is Peter.
And where does the national trust fall into this? Well, Beatrice Potter’s house is under the national trust protection AND if you shimmy on down (really it should be up) to the Lake District, there are museums and a large focus on what she brought to literature and the land. 
Peter Rabbit is a childhood favourite of many and has recently become a childhood favourite of many more. Are there are other characters that you loved as a child, not just Peter? Let me know in the comments below. 

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