Summer Loving | Books to read to get you in the Summer Mood

Summer is well and truly here, with weather in the UK reaching mid-twenties, us Brits are putting away the hat and gloves and grabbing the shorts and flip-flops (but for how long?!)

If you’re not in the summer mood, here’s five books to read that will hopefully get you reaching for your sunscreen.

Penguin Random House
This is the old cover – since release this book has a new cover.
Dizzy by Cassy Cassidy

This is a rather old book, as in, it was published in 2004 and I read it when I was in High School, but to me, it’s summer. Cathy Cassidy has written a vast variety of young adult books (although you could argue, young teens), mainly aimed at girls, and this is her first book. Personally, an easy read is something which we could all do with? A break from the hard slog of work?

Focused on a budding summer romance, with beaches, festivals and bonfires, what’s not to love?

Allen and Urwin Publishers
The BeeKeepers Secret by Josephine Moon

I got given this book to review by Allen and Urwin and I cannot wait to read it. To me, the cover and title of the book screams summer – and from just reading the blurb and information on the publishers website – I think it’s going to be a great and sunny read. 

‘The Beekeeper’s Secret, a novel of family and the happiness, guilt and grief that can lie within them, is her third novel.’

Pan Macmillan Publishers
One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond

Italy. Literally, that is probably the one word in the title that brought my eyes to this book, that and the beautiful and detailed cover. 

A snippet can be found here but here’s a bit of information for you:

Is Italian really the language of love? 

A new class of students hopes to find out. Meet Anna, Catherine and Sophie who all have very different reasons for being at the Sheffield college Italian evening class. 

As term gets underway, friendships form, secrets begin to emerge and love affairs blossom unexpectedly… Mamma mia! 

Something which I’d definitely love to read, while eating an ice cream maybe? No?

Headline Publishers
This must be the Place by Maggie O’Farrell

I already ranted and raved about this book in my blog post here, but seriously guys it’s on my TBR list and totally should be on yours too! 

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE crosses time zones and continents to reveal an extraordinary portrait of a marriage. – Just saying! What an interesting read for the summer. And there’s already a bunch of excellent reviews about this book since it was released in May.

Penguin Random House
Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Another new release, and this time a sequel to her highly sought about ‘Billy and Me’. Why should this be a summer read? Well again, it’s a book written across time zones and countries. A story of love and loss and new beginnings. Again, another book on my TBR list.

So there you have it, a few books to keep you covered over the summer and to keep you in the summer mood, even if it is wet and miserable outside (English weather we’re looking at you!) Let me know if you’ve read any of these and which is your favourite. 

Note: All images are from the publishers websites.

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