Holiday Post | Kindles vs Paperbacks | Showdown

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Hi guys!

So I’m away on holiday this week, travelling up and down the East side of the country visiting Edinburgh, Newcastle and York for a week. If you have any travel tips or places to visit – let me know in the comments below 🙂

I’m hoping this won’t be an easy, although I apologise if I find my flow and it is. I’m also hoping this doesn’t cause too many fingers to be burnt, but hey, publishing in general, not everyone is right or wrong.

So basically this blog post is about Kindles vs Paperbacks, a kind of a showdown if you will, against the two most common use of reading.

Now please raise your hand if you have a Kindle, and keep it raised if you use it. I am one of these people. I had a Kindle gifted to me for Christmas a few years ago and to be honest, I use it if the books are on sale – I know I know! That’s really bad but still.

The first thing about Kindle is how small and light they are, and if you are anything like me and taking just one book on holiday doesn’t work for you then taking the Kindle, with an entire library at your fingertips is a win-win situation. You can also buy pretty amazing Kindle cases, some that even look like books!

There’s no beating a Paperback though, and although Paperbacks are known to have a few dog-eared pages and wet marks (crying? Reading in the bath?), new book smell is just amazing.

I was always getting lost in libraries as a kid, and something about having a ‘adult-like’ library card, it’s like giving the gift of the world to a child. Their imagination can escape and play within the pages of a book, not that it can’t in a kindle book. But there’s something magical about books – don’t you think?

Enough of that airy-fairy stuff, seriously though, I don’t think you can truly argue that one is better than the other. Both Kindles and Paperbacks have their pros and cons, as listed below:


  • Can fit a library of books on them
  • Can adjust text settings/lightening
  • Lightweight
  • Can customise
  • Charging?
  • Not the same – book smell/feel
  • Harder to tell where you are in the book
  • Lack of cute bookmarks to be used
  • Books. Duh.
  • Use of cute bookmarks
  • Covers are AH-MAZE-ING!
  • Can scribble/make notes/dog-eared
  • Libraries!
  • When you go on holiday, can only really take one (a really small one)
  • If a large book, kinda heavy
  • Books can get wet and ruined – boo 😦
  • Shelves – need I say more.
So as you can see, Paperback and Kindles are pretty much 6 and 2 3’s as my parents would say. 
So which do you prefer to use, Kindles or Paperbacks? Or are you like me and like to use both the Kindle and Paperback? Let me know in the comments below.

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