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Hi Guys! *waves*

I’m on a bit of a roll this month and I’m back with another review.

I finished this book about a week ago, after visiting my parents and not being able to put it down – it meant I didn’t get to bed till past 1am!

This Savage Song by V E Schwab, follows the story of August and Kat, two ‘kids’ (I use the term loosely) who are in the middle of their parents war (again, loosely using the term here). It’s a bit of a gory story, I’m not going to deny it, but it’s interesting and instantly grabs you – you won’t want to stop reading!

Their characters couldn’t be anything different though! Kat is a bit of a rebel, I mean she sets fire to a chapel and gets kicked out of various schools (all for a good reason). She tries to prove to her father that she is strong and brave and fearless, when in fact, she does have her moments when she’s scared and wants to hide. I mean you would too if there were monsters in the dark!

August on the other hand has led a sheltered life, short though it may be. But he doesn’t want it, it wants nothing more that to be like his older brother Leo, but he stays inside the compound and plays his violin. You see, August is a monster. Well he’s more lovable than that, but he’s not human and that’s the main thing.

The nice thing about this story is that there isn’t a love interest for either of them, it mainly focuses on them surviving and stopping the growing ever closer, war.

The worst thing about this story? Is well the cliffhanger. I know it means that there should be a second book to this series, but we want to find out what happens and soon! It’s not a major cliffhanger, but not giving too much away, it allows the author to carry on with the story is she wants to.

I admit, I haven’t read anything of V E Schwabs before, but reading the blurb and seeing the beautiful cover instantly made me want to read it! I love the whole fantasy/monster kind of thing and having a strong female and male character in the story, side by side, working together. Well that’s like having a present with a ribbon on top!

Another interesting aspect to the story is how it’s set out. It begins with Kats point of view of everything and then Augusts, and eventually it merges into one, as their stories merge together. You still have the switching of point of views, which is quite nice, but the fact that it begins with them each having their own chapters and ends the same way, with them separating into their own chapters again, is a nice way to set out a story. I’m not sure whether this was intentionally but I think it’s a pretty cool way to set out a story with two main characters.

The only thing I’d say, is that to begin with, I was quite confused. I mean it could just be me, but when we’re first introduced to August, we don’t know he’s a ‘monster’ until further into the story. This is probably a good thing and keeps the reader in suspense, but it was only after this did I really start to get into the story.

Finally, can we talk about the cover? This was the first thing I noticed when the photos of the cover were doing the rounds on twitter. I love the fact that the pattern continues from the back and, ah, there are simply no words to describe it. The font, the mix of black and read, the cover is definitely the first thing that caught my eye and would be in a bookshop.

Overall, I’ve given this 4 stars and highly recommend it to anyone that likes the supernatural kind of stories – this is well worth a read!


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