Hot Drinks and Book Combo | What’s Your Poison?

It’s supposedly the beginning of autumn, although the weather is still reading at 20 degrees. So, in light of the nights drawing in and the weather (supposedly) getting cooler, I thought I’d write a little post on hot drinks and they’re book counterparts.

Please note, that this list may be liable to change over the years and it does not necessarily mean that if you read the book you have to drink the hot drink listed.

Black Tea – First off, a classic. Wuthering Heights, a book I read at both A Level and Degree level and both times Heathcliff was a broody, argumentative and complex character. Much like dark tea, you’re really not sure what you’re going to get until you taste it. Tetley, Yorkshire, PG Tips? That and I can imagine the characters drinking tea more than coffee.

Milky Tea – Personally, I don’t particularly like milky tea, just by the taste of it… Hence, coupling it to a book proved somewhat difficult. I’ve settled on, the Game of Thrones seriously. You’re not quite sure what you get with GOT and although I can imagine people looking at me like I’ve grown a second head, the story line is so mixed and varied that I lose interest… Sorry guys!

Black Coffee – I’m going to link this hot drink to a recent read of mine, This Savage Song by V E Schwab. Now one of the main characters, Kat, she sounds to me like a black coffee kind of drinker and the monsters in the story – well they’re the black cover. It makes sense if you really think about it, I mean monsters blood is always black, like they’re souls, dark.

Milky/Sugary Coffee – Something sweet, depending on how much sugar you add. So, I’ve coupled this with a children’s/Young adult book. Girl out of Water is a book bounding with energy, hence the link to coffee. It’s sweet and cute and hilarious. And drinking coffee whilst reading this, should balance it out just a bit.

Hot Chocolate – Three words. Harry. Potter. Series. When drinking hot chocolate, I’m automatically transported back to my childhood and the warmth of a fire. And the Harry Potter series is much the same, that and sweets are featured quite a fair bit in the series. Chocolate Frog, anyone?

Horlicks – A sleepy and creamy drink, generally drank by people in the late hours before bed. So I’ve picked a book that sends me off to sleep. Sorry Shakespeare but you’re Romeo and Juliet is on this list. We all know about this famous play and countless adaptations, ranging from film to books. It’s a tragic story and makes me feel, unfortunately, tragically tired.

Fruit/Herbal Teas – Fruit and Herbal teas are so varied – so I’ve coupled these hot drinks with a writer. Jacqueline Wilson has written countless children’s books, with a variety of male and female lead characters and covering a wide range of themes, suitable for the young readers that read her books. That, and those who, like me, love her writing and can’t quite accept the fact that she writes for young children rather than adults.

So there you have it, a couples delight for hot drinks and books. Perfect for when the cold when finally arrives!

Let me know in the comments below what hot drink you’d couple with a book and if you agree or disagree with my choices.


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