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So recently, I’ve dived into the world of booktubers, not literally, but you get the gist. FYI – if you have any favourite booktubers you want me to check out – please leave their name in the comments below 🙂 

So I was watching the video below the other day and decided to do a blog post on my favourite covers based on the categories that Sanne spoke about in her video.


Now on to the covers…

Matte – I think my favourite cover in Matte has to be Death at the Seaside by Frances Brody – a new book on my TBR pile but I instantly fell in love with this cover – reminds me of mid 20th century fashion. To be honest, I prefer Matte to Gloss, but that’s my personal preference. The only thing about Matte is that it can get scratched – which is such a bummer 😦 But personally, I think that block colours (so something like Matt Haig’s Reason to Stay Alive) look better in Matte than Gloss.

Gloss – I actually don’t have many books with Gloss covers, currently only Girl out of Water by Nat Luurtsman, but I generally feel like Children’s books, especially large books, so read in schools, look nice in Gloss. Perhaps it’s something to do with looking shiny and in reality young children are really just Magpies? No? Just a thought.

Embossed – A recent collection to my hardbacks, A Boy made of Blocks by Keith Stuart is a wonderful example of an embossed cover, focusing mainly on the blocks on the front cover – makes sense, right? Can I also point out here that on close inspection the blocks are embossed and the title in the blocks are debossed – clever!

Debossed – I don’t actually have any covers with debossing on them, or not that I can see anyway. I thought Bone Clocks by David Mitchell had debossing on the cover, but that’s just my opinion. Sanne has two examples in her video above.

Spot UV – I’d like to say that Friends of the Dusk by Phil Rickman has an example of Spot UV, where the authors name is, basically, shinier than the rest of the cover. But… I’m not 100% sure. I definitely know that I’ve seen an example of it somewhere, but whether I have an example on my bookshelf is another story.

Foil – Now I definitely know that David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks has example of this. Not only is the foil on the title and author name but it is also evident in some of the pattern, only slightly, but you can still see it.

Some worthy mentions:

A Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King.

Not gonna lie but the cover is what made me buy the book in the first place – oops.

I See You by Claire McKenzie.

Another great cover and example of embossing – focused only on the title.

I think I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but I am a serious sucker for pretty covers. I completely understand that covers need to be eye-popping in order to catch a readers attention. Although, if, like me, you have a favourite author that you read, you’re not going to look at the cover as much – but I guess that could be me.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite covers are and whether you’ve bought some books just for the look of the covers.



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  2. […] start with the cover. I recently spoke about the cover in my blog post about different covers here, but I love the fact that the blocks on the front cover are embossed. It adds depth to the book […]


  3. […] start with the cover. I recently spoke about the cover in my blog post about different covers here, but I love the fact that the blocks on the front cover are embossed. It adds depth to the book […]


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