The Beekeeper’s Secret | Book’s with Sting

So I was going to post this on a beautifully, yet too warm, kind of day, but from sitting here it’s finally starting to look like Autumn – yay!

Allen and Urwin were lovely enough to send me a copy of The Beekeeper’s Secret by Josephine Moon for Review. I also received some awesome goodies in the parcel too! A small pot of elderflower honey which smells amazing and some burt’s bees lip blam… *happy face*

To tell you the truth though, this book was not at all what I was expecting. I mean, there’s nuns in the book, you kinda (wrongly) expect a wholesome book, not a mystery (of sorts).

The cover was the first thing that grabbed my attention (this is a common thing which I’ve just accepted that I do, if I like the cover, I’m likely to buy the book – it happens). It was bright and sunny, perfect for the upcoming summer that the UK’s been having, with very warm weather and bright blue skies, this book was sure to fit in!

After reading the first few chapters, I instantly fell in love with this book. The description of the haven is wonderful and makes you wish you were there. And Josephine has really done her research into, I guess you would call it, the life of bees – which is great. It’s always nice and refreshing to read a book where you can actually see that the author has taken the time to research into things to bump the characters out a bit. That and it’s really interesting.

Another awesome thing about this story is the few story-lines that make up the book overall, and eventually these all interlock and weave between each other. The story all runs quite smoothly and of course, all summed up at the end of the book – although I wouldn’t mind reading a short novella about what happens afters.

The characters are lovely and the imagery is described beautifully, and sitting here in a jumper, it makes me miss the warmer weather (kinda). She also takes the matter of the declining bees and adds it into her book, with her character urging readers to help, but of course, we don’t realise it, unless we happen to cross paths with a bee.

Would definitely recommend this book and reading this has introduced me to Josephine Moon’s writing, which I’m looking forward to reading more of.


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