A Peek at my Bookshelves | TBR | Hardbacks Edition

I’ve gotten to the point now where I’ve got quite a few books to read – both on my kindle, as a paperback and a couple of hardbacks.

I didn’t really used to buy hardbacks, it’s only recently and more often than not it’s because I thought the cover was pretty… surely I’m not the only one that does that?

When reading hardbacks, I always take the dust jackets off. I’m not 100% why, I think it’s to make sure that the dust jackets don’t rip or tear, but it also means I can read the book without worrying about the state of the dust jacket or the dust jacket slipping down.

I currently have three hardbacks on my to be read pile:

  • Making it up as I go along by Marian Keyes
  • The Bazaar of Broken Dreams by Stephen King
  • I see you by Clare Mackintosh

I am currently half way through Marian Keyes book (as you would see from my Goodreads profile), and well, I seriously love it! As awful as this sounds, I picked up the book because of the cover, there was an author that wanted a yellow cover and I was really dubious about it, so after seeing this bright yellow hardback in Tescos, I picked it up. I also loved the title!

Having started my read of this book, I cannot stop laughing! The book consists of short essays and writings which Marian has previously done (although there are a few never published before), regarding certain topics such as, beauty and travel – this is how far I am in the book. And although I have only read the first half of the book, I highly recommend it for ladies who love a good giggle!

The Bazaar of Broken Dreams was picked up because the boyfs father is a HUGE Stephen King fan and keeps recommending his books to me, that and the cover was gorgeous! The book has just been released as a paperback and personally, I think I prefer the hardback.

What I also quite liked about this book was the fact that, again, it was short stories. I felt this was a perfect jump into the world of Stephen King and unfortunately, as of yet, it is still on my to be read pile.

And finally, I see you by Clare Mackintosh, was picked up quite recently. Again, the cover was an instant draw to the eyes, but I had been seeing a great deal of hype about this book over twitter and was interesting in taking a look myself.

I’ve read the first five pages and had to stop myself from continuing, (I have a bunch of other books to read first 😦 ), I was instantly hooked. The first chapter draws you in and hooks you straight away, and I am so excited to finally get around to reading this!

So, what books are on your TBR pile and are there any hardbacks on this list? Leave me a comment below.



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