Shining the Spotlight on… Lisa Clark | Self-Help Guru

So for some strange reason, I’ve always been interested in self-help books and articles.

I first heard of Lisa Clark when I started reading Mizz magazine (wow, I feel old). I then found her Lola Love books, an amazing collection of self-help books for teenage girls.

These books were seriously amazing! I loved reading through them and filling out the questions and trying out the different ideas Lisa had written in her books. From confidence, to self care and beauty, Lisa covered pretty much all that a teenage girl could ask for. She even touched on puberty both for teenage girls and boys.

Growing up though, my interests changed and I found myself reading her book, Sassy.

Sassy is a bright pink book, much like Radical Self Love by Gala Darling which I wrote about here. I love bright books, I find they stand out so much in bookstores and on bookshelves. It instantly brings the book to your eye and is a great talking point. If someone notices the book, they’re more likely to go over and pick it up, and in the case of the book being on your bookshelf, they’re bound to have a few questions about it.

Lisa is a total badass, from marrying a Viking 😉 to writing a book about periods and lady gardens, this woman oozes all thing women and she’s a great role model, providing advice and support for womankind.

Basically she’s the friend you didn’t realise you needed, from teenage years to your twenties and beyond, and she’s always got your back!

Have you read any of Lisa’s books and would you recommend them to a friend, teenager or work colleague? Let me know in the comments below.


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