A Who’s Who in the Wizarding World | Harry Potter Month

Can I just say here, before you begin scrolling down the page and letting words catch your eyes, I do apologise for the delay/lateness of this blog post. I blame Netflix, I’ve been so content sitting on my sofa with gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, watching Peaky Blinders (GUYS!! Hit me up if you’re in love with this series!!!) that I wasn’t watching the time. Oppsie!

Anyways, back to the scheduled post. After my October the 1st post, I thought I’d write a bit about some the characters in the Harry Potter series. Obviously, there are a bunch of other characters in the series, both good and bad guys, that the post would be about ten pages long, possibly more, and you’d get bored of reading half-way through. It’s just the way it is. *shrugs*

I’ve divided the list into separate sections, studying at university level has that effect on people. There’s obviously the good guys, bad guys and various ‘groups’ in the well-known series. Now on to the list!

A Mini Character list:

Harry Potter: The star of the show! Harry was born in July to James and Lily Potter of Godric’s Hollow on the 31st of July. He has the appearance of his father but he always get’s told he has his mothers eyes. A rather dab hand at the dark arts and a seeker in the game of Quidditch. Harry is always seen running around the grounds having adventures with his friends (see below).
Ron Weasley: One of the 7 Weasley children, Ronald Weasley is the youngest Weasley son in this huge clan. A lover of wizard chess and quidditch, this red-head always has Harry’s back. accompanied by his rat, Scabbers, and his broken wand, Ron (as well as Harry) relies on Hermione’s smarts to get them out of trouble.
Hermione Granger: The smartest witches in Hogwarts (and probably the world!). Hermione always has her head in a book and is very much a teacher’s pet (although don’t let her hear you as she might just hit you, exhibit a. Malfoy). She was allowed a time-turner whilst at Hogwarts, for studying purposes of course!, and although a ‘mudblood’ or a witch born of muggle parents, she definitely goes to show that magic is inside all of us.

Draco Malfoy: Son of purebloods, who are also supporters of Lord V. Seems to have a thingy against Harry and his choice of friends. Always followed around by his goonies, Crabbe and Goyle. A seeker for Slytherine.
The Weasleys: This bunch of rowdy characters – 9 in total! Consists of Mr Arthur Weasley (muggle lover and ministry worker), Mrs Molly Weasley (amazing cook), Bill (husband of Fleur and money worker) Charlie (rider of dragons!), Percy (teachers pet and new ministry worker), Fred and George (regular hooligans and run a joke shop), Ron and Ginny (only girl and has a massive crush on Harry Potter!) This clan is part of a pure-blood bloodline and truly a second family for Harry. Current residence: The Burrow.

The Potters: James and Lily Potter. Both, unfortunately met their ends by the hand (or should I say wand) of Lord Voldemort. Both went to Hogwarts and both were in Griffindor. Lily was a smart kid and James, well James helped create the maraudrers map with his group of friends (see below), had a invisibility clock and was a cracking quidditch player. All in all, a lovable pair. We see more of these two (as students) in the final book of the series, but they do make an appearance in the first book.

Hagrid: Taller than a person but generally smaller than a giant, this loveable brut (in all niceness) is a good friend and mentor of the 3 (Harry, Ron and Hermione). He teaches the Mythical Creatures class at Hogwarts for a while but unfortunately does not do magic.
Dumbledore: Esteemed Head Master of Hogwarts. A smart and powerful man, has a strong connection with Harry and see’s him through many of his mishaps whilst at the school.
Professor McGonagall: Head of Griffindor House and the one that chose Harry as Seeker for the house team. She teaches the transfiguration class and oh, did we forget to mention that she can morph into a cat?
Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle: The Bad Guy. Lover of Dark Arts and intent on killing Harry, as not satisfied with killing his parents. This guy was even mad enough to split his own soul! Jeez.

Remus Lupin: Part of the Marauders team. Unfortunately he was bitten by a werewolf at a young age, however he teaches Dark Arts in Harry’s third year at Hogwarts.
Sirius Black: Harry’s Godfather and accuser of killing his parents. He was also a part of the Marauders team. This guy can transform into a black dog and really is a loveable character, he escapes from Azkaban (the wizards prison) and eventually escapes on a Hippogriff… cool guy!
Severus Snape: Lover of dark arts, although teacher of potions. Snape is very much a Jekyll and Hyde kinda character. You’ve got to love him though.
Peter Pettigrew: Another bad guy and the final piece of the Marauders. This guy is actually alive, although people think him dead. And he worships the dark lord. Enough said.

As I said in my paragraph above, there are so many characters in the Harry Potter series that you can’t possibly mention them all without boring everyone, unless you could talk about it all day of course. This is just a small mention of a few of the characters, especially the most important ones and a bit about them. Perhaps another character post may be posted at a later date – thoughts?

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