#BookshopDay | My First Love

So today, 8th October, is Books are my Bag Bookshop Day, a day to celebrate bookshops, especially the little shop hidden in a backstreet with little books with great stories in every nook and cranny.

I thought I’d do something different and post a blog post about my first love, books.

*It was a cold autumn day. The woods were alive with fire; red, gold, yellow, and leaves were falling to the ground with the great gale of a wind.*

Bear in mind here, I was about six years old and I was an imaginative young thing! Ha ha!

She sits there, well I say sits, she was probably bouncing up and down in the seat of the car, watching the leaves fall from the trees and settle back down to earth. Wonder where she was heading? To spend a book voucher that she’d been given by her school, although at the end of the day, her mum made her by a dictionary/thesaurus. Although unhappy at the time, believe me that was not a good day, I still have that dictionary and it has proved useless through my years of A Level and Degree level English. *Thanks Mum!*

I’m not quite sure what started my love of books, only that I used to read anything I could get my hands on, my younger brothers comics, magazines from food shop runs with my mum. I remember reading Winnie the Pooh books, Alice in Wonderland and Jacqueline Wilson books, I had a good few favourites.

As I grew up, I of course found YA. Books with witches and vampires, brooding romances and faraway places. Being a lover of books, I studied English through from A Level and final I completed a BA in English Language and Literature, studying Children’s literature in my final year.

Since then, I’ve found myself dipping my toes into fiction for youngsters (so to speak), basically just interested it what they’re reading. I’ve found publishers such as Barrington Stoke, that cater for those diagnosed with Dyslexia, a cause close to my heart. I took my first steps in a small independent publisher house last year, setting out to help people. Help authors get their first or third books into the world and encouraging new readers to find new books to read, or even the first book that made them fall in love with reading.

I’ve taken a step back now and finding a new way to encourage people to read, this blog is one way. This blog contains reviews of various books I’ve read and enjoyed, books I’m reviewing for publishers, book tours I take part in and various focuses on authors (mainly from my childhood) that I’ve enjoyed and highly recommend.

My main concern is to get people reading. Reading is a huge passion of mine and one I feel really deeply about, I love that there are publishing companies producing books for all to read, if the are able readers or not.

There’s just something about buying a book, something which I’ve always loved. The smell of libraries, the feeling of finishing a book your friends have been talking about for an age. Books get people talking just as much as anything else, and that is why I love them.

So, following in the footsteps of six-year-old me, I’m heading down to my local bookstore and picking up a book (or three). Happy #bookshopday all!




  1. I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!


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