Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret… | Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire | Review

Another day, another review. I’m currently hold up in bed at the moment with a head cold – bummer, I know! So I’ve built myself a little fort-like structure and have surrounded myself with parts of my TBR pile, electronics and hot Vimto (don’t knock it till you try it!)

Anyways… on to the review!

If you haven’t read my review for the first book, check it out here and if you haven’t checked out my review for the second review, you can check it out here. My review for the third book went up Friday, and you can check it out here. Please note, this review may contain some spoilers.

Today I’m reviewing the fourth book in the Harry Potter series (we’re at the half-way mark, guys!). Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is, of course, the depiction of Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts. There’s a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher (again), Professor (Mad-Eye) Moody, although we learn towards the very very end of the book, that this is not the case, but shhh… no spoilers!

The fourth book is the largest so far, there’s a ma-hoo-sive jump between the third book and this one. But there’s a rather big reason for this – just FYI.

First off, we have a HUGE quidditch tournament which both Harry, Hemione and the Weasley clan attend. This is also where Lord Voldemort makes his first ‘appearance’, literally, his mark appears in the sky and all hell breaks lose. But all is forgotten once the trio attend school a short while later.

Because we are introduced to the Triwizard Tournament, an event that happens between three wizarding schools; Hogwarts, Beaubaxtons and Durmstrang. As long as students are over sixteen, they may enter their name into a golden cup, with the chance to play for their school. For some unknown reason though, and just because he’s Harry Potter, Harry’s name gets drawn and he becomes the wild card of the group, the illusive number four of the normal three students.

He joins; Fleur Delacour from Beaubaxtons Academy of Magic, Viktor Krump from Durmstrang Institute and of course, Cedric Diggory form Hogwarts, a Hufflepuff.

Thus follows three challenges throughout the school year. This includes; a dragon, underwater swimming and the maze. (I shan’t go into too much detail because J K Rowling has described each task/challenge beautifully throughout the book, and each challenge has sub-tasks, and well, you get the gist, and basically you should read the book!

Along the way, Harry is helped by certain members of staff (including a certain Mad-eye Moody) and, in one instance, fellow ‘challengers’.

The maze is the final task, in order to reach the Triwizard Cup. Cedric and Harry, upon touching the cup, are transported to a grave yard and after much duress, Voldemort is finally released from his ‘cocoon’ – best way to describe his state after a spell went backwards – and returns to his original form. Dun Dun DUN!!!

Voldemort is BACK!!!

Harry once again, escapes Voldemort’s wrath and returns to Hogwarts and thus the end of the fourth story and the start of the ‘fight’ to book seven. Let me know what you’re favourite part of the fourth book in the series is below in the comments, and stay tuned for my next Harry Potter themed blog post, due to be released Friday!



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