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A place where you can chat with anyone and get involved with relevant things that you care about; causes, charities, a love of a favourite book?

Not Such a Bad day is…

My take on this is of course, to do with books. I’m a book blogger of course and my aim is to give others #thegiftofreading – reading has proven times and times before, to be my light at the end of the tunnel, to keep the bad guys at bay and below is a list of books to dip into to make it #notsuchabadday

  • Harry Potter Series – Read my reviews and opinions about this wonderful series here. And as Dumbledore says: ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light‘.
  • Books published by Barrington Stoke – read my review here. This publishers brings the gift of reading to those who struggle, with a wide variety of choices and themes, Barrington Stoke makes reading available to all
  • Humour e.g. Making it up as I go along by Marian Keyes


Not Such a Bad Day is simple:

1. pledge £2 to War Child via this link
2. seize ANY opportunity you can (whether that’s calling your gran, clearing out your spare room, signing up for a web design course or going to Peru…)
3. SPREAD THE WORD by blogging, tweeting, instagramming what you’ve done to your followers – and encouraging them to do the same!

The aim is simple. Raise money, do good and spread the positivity on, and on, by telling everyone else what we’re doing – and how they can get involved too. You can read more here

2016 has been a pretty shite year, I think we can all agree on that statement. It’s been one of those years where I’ll be glad when NYE has finally arrived. But in the final few months, wouldn’t it be great if we could make our lives and others too, that little bit better?

There are other ways to make it #notsuchabadday: Ringing your parents/grandparents, buying someone flowers, buying the person behind you a coffee. Even little things can be a big thing in someone else’s eyes.

Not Such a Bad Day is a simple and yet wonderful cause and I urge you to take part, to make a Bad Day, Good.


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