A Marriage of Inconvenience | Victoria | A Review

Did any of you guys catch Victoria on ITV last month? I did! And instantly fell in love with the TV show and can’t wait for the next series to air next year!

Daisy Goodwin, best known for her book My Last Duchess, is responsible for this wonderful book and TV series. I was really excited to read this book, I’m a bit of a history buff, and so Victoria was right up my street.

I was lucky enough to receive the book as an ARC, forever grateful Headline Books!

Victoria follows the young queen from her initial reaction to being queen to her engagement to Albert, no surprise there and hence no spoilers. So, if you haven’t watch the TV series, then reading Victoria will at least catch you up to about half of it.

What I love about reading this, after watching the TV series, is that I already have the ‘characters’ in my head, played by; Jenny Coleman, Tom Hughes and Rufus Sewell, Victoria, Albert and Lord M, respectively.

The best bit about reading this is that it adds more bumf to the story. Yes, we know that Victoria was a great monarch and all characters are in fact real, so it’s not really fictitious. But it does get you thinking about how much fiction Victoria is made up of?

It’s doesn’t matter though because the book includes; death, love, romance, loss and all that good stuff. Things that really matter in a story.

I think it’s a must read and as well as being informative, and brings Victoria into the front of British minds, it’s also a really great story!


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