Drum roll please… | Favourite Book Cover of 2016

Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow guys!? Ahhhhhhh! So close!

Anyways… So I’m a bit of a Cover lover, seriously. If the cover is nice, I’m bound to buy it, after reading the blurb first, though of course it has happened before, where I haven’t read the blurb and just bought the book for the cover… jeez.

Moving on…

2016 has seen some pretty awesome covers… obviously, this list (and top choice) is my own opinion and I’m not really qualified to say whether a cover is good or not (Art at GCSE and working in book production for a year) but no, this is just my own opinion.

A few of my favourites this year:

The Muse by Jessie Burton


Runemarks by Joanne M. Harris (my blog post for this book can be read here)


And of course, Waterstones Book of the Year, The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry


But my utmost favourite this year has to be…

Drum roll please…

Hygge by Charlotte Abrahams


Published with new imprint Trapeze, this cover is my favourite because of it’s different textures on the cover, both to touch and sight, felt and shine. Read my blog post and review on this book here.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite cover is for 2016 and do you agree with my choices?

Also if you don’t already, check out my instagram, where I post a variety of book covers and books – worth checking out really?



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