It’s Christmas | Books as Presents

Hi guys! So I hope you had a great couple of days celebrating Christmas. Maybe eaten too much food? Watched too much TV? Didn’t exercise? Well, that’s basically my Christmas in a few words, but you know what? It’s Christmas and that’s what this time is for, time to spend with friends and family!

My parents, AGES ago, decided that they weren’t going to buy me books. Not really sure how that came about… maybe it was because I had a tonne of TBR books on my book shelves and never got round to reading them? Who knows?

Anyways, I have finally managed to sort through this pile and added a couple (I think there was only 2 books on my Christmas list this year) to my list, ready for the big day.


  • The Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah

I love Poirot! Seriously! My mum loves the TV series and I guess you could say that that’s been passed down to me. I haven’t read any other of Agatha Christie’s original Poirot mysteries, but have been meaning to do so. But I thought this would be a good start, so watch this space for a review of The Closed Casket!


  • Kindle Paper White E-Reader

This was a bit of a shock present, I have to admit. I am currently reading on a Kindle Fire tablet, which I received for Christmas about 3 years ago. It’s getting old and a bit slow, but it’s still useable, so I haven’t changed it.

I was surprised with this, and a new case which I absolutely adore! And what I love about the Kindle paper white is how small and light it is. I was forever reading on the sofa or in bed, and the Kindle Fire normally dropped and landed on my nose – ouch!

I also quite like that the Kindle Paper White is pretty much an e-reader, although you do have access to Amazon Kindle store and Goodreads, as the Kindle Fire was pretty much a tablet, something which I honestly didn’t use that much.


  • Peter Rabbit 150th special edition

I have been a massive Beatrix Potter fan since I was tiny. My parents and grandparents bought me all the books and it was something which I grew up with.

My younger brother surprised me (again, another surprise) with this special edition, pretty much the same as the one I have tucked away in a box (for safe keeping!) but slightly prettier.


  • The Part-Time Vegetarian by Nicolia Graimes

This book was on my Christmas list, so I was pretty happy to receive this, this year. I’ve been um-ing and ah-ing about eating a more vegetarian diet.

I reviewed the National Trust veggie cookbook here, but the best thing about this cookbook is you can add meat and fish to the meals if you want to. Something which, I think, will be great, leaving me the option to decide whether I want to do a full veggie meal or not.


  • £15 Waterstones voucher

Another surprise pressie, being given a voucher for Christmas is obviously really great because well, it makes it easier for the gifter and the giftee gets to pick which book they want, whether they want paperbacks or hardbacks and can choose from a bunch of books, or wait until new releases are published.

Is there any books you can recommend I buy with my Waterstones voucher? Let me know in the comments below.


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