Strike One from the List | The Bucket list to mend a Broken Heart | A Review

This is a NetGalley review.

This is also one of those books I read late in the night, and probably finished later that night too.

It’s a one sitting kind of book.

My review on NetGalley : I loved this book! I instantly loved Abi and her wacky way of getting her boyfriend back. I loved how she learnt more about herself and pushed herself to fight her fears and not look back. A great role model for those who feel exactly the same. And with a happy ending too – gotta love it!

The best thing about this book? Abi growing throughout the book. Long story short. Her boyfriend is a jerk and she finds a ‘bucket list’ and decides, scary as it is, to complete HIS bucket list to try and win him back… Yeah… just let that sink in.

I found this book such an enjoyable read, and I was in fits of laughter throughout the book. There is, of course, a happy ending, but you’ve got to love a happy ending. AND if you’re anything like me, and routes for a certain couple, the I’m sure you’ll love the ending too!

Abi has a great group of friends behind her, and it just goes to show that friends really do have your back if relationships go a bit pear-shape! She also meet new friends and pushes herself to concur her fears, which makes her a great role model for anyone!

I gave this book a four out of five and highly recommend it for those who’d like a quick read, and/or wants to read a book with a silly but wonderful main character, this makes a great read!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read this book and what you thought about it and, if not, let me know if you’re gonna check the book out!


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