Mr Orange | Orangeboy | A Review

A NetGalley book.

What initially made me decide to read this book was the cover. I have to admit, that I’m a bit of a cover lover… sorry, not sorry. But I found this cover amazing, especially after I’d read the book and released that the brain and all that, was a part of the story. (My take of the cover)

My NetGalley review: An interesting read. Took me a while to get into the book, but very well written and a great and interesting story line!

I read this book over the Christmas Holidays, hence I think it took me a while to get into the book, what with Christmas specials and presents, but once I got into the book, I found it really well written and a great read.

Marlon is a likable character, and you can’t help feel for him, being a teenage boy, growing up and dealing with an older brother (and his problems), his mum and school. Add in a pretty young girl and drugs, and you’re bound to have problems.

I really felt for the character throughout the book and really wanted to give him a hug, it felt like it was needed. However, I did like how Patricia Lawrence chose to write about this theme, and mirrors what I believe many families in the UK and abroad have to deal with, when drugs are involved.

She turned a touchy subject into a wonderfully written and interesting story line, and it reminds me so my of Junk by Melvin Burgess. And I think it’s well worth a read by all.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read Orangeboy and what you thought of it, and if not, give it a read and get back to me!


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