Who Killed the Hadler Family? | The Dry | Blog Tour

Today, I’m posting this review as a part of The Dry book tour.


I’m a big fan of crime and mystery books, which I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by my choice books, so The Dry really ticked a few boxes for me.

First off, I really loved the cover. We received a Hardback copy of the book, and the cover has some wonderful colours and looks quite mysterious, which to me, hints at the whole mystery aspect of the book.

I pretty much read this book in one sitting. After reading the first chapter, I couldn’t stop myself reading the next and then the next, it left me with so many questions!

The Dry really is about 2 mysteries, the first one (the one that’s in the past) I kinda guessed, but the second one, wow, I did not see it coming! It was such a surprise!

Note: When reading Crime/Mystery books, I try and have a guess on the whole ‘who dunnit’ thing. I think most people do this, but just in case, I’m letting you know!

This book is set in small town Australia, where, you guessed it, due to a raging heat and lack of water (hence The Dry), tempers are sure to fly. Aaron Falk, the main character, working as a ‘big time cop’ is ‘summoned’ back to town for the funeral of one of his childhood friends.
Luke Hadler, along with his wife and young son, have been brutally murdered and all fingers are pointing at Luke. However, Falk is asked to investigate further, which also unearths a past he’d rather forget.
As Falk teams up with local cop, Raco to try and uncover the truth about the Hadler family, Lukes and Aarons mysterious past, involving the death of a young girl, is brought to the surface. Something which Aaron is keen to forget and what caused him to leave town in the first place.
Follow along with #TheDry tour on twitter and let me know in the comments below, if, you’ve read the book and what you thought or whether you’ll pick it up yourself – I highly recommend the book!


  1. This sounds like a good book! Might have to put it into my tbr


  2. This sounds like a really interesting novel, I’m going to add it to my ever growing tbr list!


  3. […] I really, really, really enjoyed reading this book this year and took part in the book blog tour earlier this year. It’s also now out in paperback so again, you have the choice. If you love a good crime/mystery read then you’ll enjoy this. My review of the book can be found here. […]


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