A Go-to Guide | How to be a Grown – Up | A Review

Evening folks, another late night blog post for me today, but hasn’t this weather been AH-MAZE-IN! A bit too warm for me, but fellow bookworms I’m sure will agree, that there’s nothing like reading in the shade of a tree!

Speaking of reading, today I’m reviewing a book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!


For fans of Bryony Gordon and Caitlin Moran, a comforting, witty, supportive book for real twenty-something women who want to discover how they can reach the end of the ‘fun’ decade knowing exactly who they are.

Have you ever felt lost, anxious, panicky about adulthood?

Have you ever spent a hungover Sunday crying into a bowl of cereal?

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and felt nothing but green-eyed jealousy and evil thoughts?

Award-winning journalist, Grazia agony aunt and real-life big sister to five smart, stylish, stunning twenty-something young women, Daisy Buchanan has been there, done that and got the vajazzle.

In How to be a Grown-Up, she dispenses all the emotional and practical advice you need to negotiate a difficult decade. Covering everything from how to become more successful and confident at work, how to feel pride in yourself without needing validation from others, how to turn rivals into mentors, and how to *really* enjoy spending time on your own, this is a warm, kind, funny voice in the dark saying “Honestly don’t worry, you’re doing your best and you’re amazing!”

I was really lucky to receive a proof of this book in all it’s pink goodness and I’m telling you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! As mentioned above in the blurb, Buchanan is very much the big sister that we all wished we had (I, myself, had a younger brother!) and this book is filled with lovely advise for all!

This book will have you in a bundle of laughs and rolling on the floor. Daisy is a great adviser and well-bringer to all, letting us know that we’re all doing fine! (Even if we don’t feel like it!)

Although not a how-to guide for adulting, this book is filled with tips and tricks to make your adulting, just that little bit better. It’s also a major boost in the right direction aka that you’re doing okay, kid!

I’d recommend this book to lovers of self-help and how to guides, and those that love a good giggle. I also don’t think that this book is necessarily aimed at ladies, so guys, if you fancy a good laugh, give this book a read!

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it and, if you haven’t read this book, then I urge to give it a read!


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