Zombified | The Walking Bread | A Review

Happy Sunday blog readers!

I think it’s actually starting to cool down now, which makes sleeping and doing things generally easier, don’t cha think?

Today, I’m reviewing a rather interesting book – The Walking Bread by Rick Grains – get it?


From the creators of BAKING BAD and GAME OF SCONES comes the ghoulishly funny spoof cookbook THE WALKING BREAD, inspired by the hit television series that viewers have been hungrily devouring for the past five years.

Fans of the show will be dying to get their hands, and jaws, on this new pun-tastic, post-apocalyptic installment that features edible recipes inspired by key moments on the show, such as Carol’s Tough Nut Cookies and Rick’s Ribs. Don your apron (and your eye patch) and prepare for the very best of dystopian cooking.

This book was one of the first books I saw published by Trapeze and I rather cheekily asked if I could review the book on my blog. (So sorry it’s taken so long!)

So…  I’ve watched about 4 seasons of Walking Dead, so I kinda know what the whole things about – Zombies!

The world is suddenly a huge fan of Zombies. Gone is the Twilight and supernatural era, and in come Zombies, with the whole brain eating and weird walking thing.

Anyway, enough of that, this book is full of edible goodies.

Well, maybe.

It’s really cool how they’ve created all these different recipes for each season and the ‘big things’ that happen in the series. We, of course, have the writer Rick Grains and a introduction written by Mary Buried (Great British Bake Off fans?).

The food looks interesting to say the least, but if you ever have a Walking Dead party, you know where to turn to.

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve given this book/cookbook a look through or even gifted it to a Walking Dead fan? And if you haven’t, will you be taking a look?


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