Who pulls the Strings? | The Puppet Master | A Review

Good evening guys, a rather late blog post today, yes I know! It’s been a rather busy week, I’m currently reading a book for another blog tour coming up in the next few weeks, so please do keep your eyes peeled!

Today I’m reviewing The Puppet Master by Abigail Osborne.


Manipulated by fear and love…could you cut the strings and take back control?

Billie’s hiding from the world, believing it to be the only way to take control of her life as she lives in fear of the man who nearly destroyed her. But what she doesn’t realise is that she’s exactly where he wants her; isolated and afraid. A chance meeting with budding journalist Adam sparks a relationship that could free her from the terror that controls her. But will Adam be able to see the real Billie buried under her terror and pain?

Adam knows exactly who Billie is and is determined to expose her and get justice for the lives she ruined. But first, he needs to convince her to open up to him but as unwanted attraction and feelings blossom between them, Adam is forced to realise that all is not as it seems.

Most of their lives have been unknowingly governed by the desires and needs of someone who considers himself their master. He has influenced and shaped them for years, meticulously weaving a web of lies and control around them. Can Billie and Adam survive the betrayals in store and cut the strings that bind them?

One thing is for sure. The master wants his puppets back – and he’ll do anything to keep them. 

This book was kinda confusing at first because the readers are given a wide range of information, for both of the main characters, which seem to contradict each other. Obviously, as you keep reading, each character gets more and more information, as does the reader, that starts to follow the same pattern.

It’s a well-thought out book and a really interesting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The characters will pull at your heartstrings as we see into the past of both the main characters lives and how the ‘puppet master’ has controlled much of their lives as they got older. It’s amazing how much influence a ‘father figure’ can have.

The ending is a happy ending, which I’m sure we all love and yet the epilogue is kinda scary, you’re not really sure if the puppet master will come back. Eerie.

Would definitely recommend this book to lovers of books that keep you on the edge of the seat, and that will keep you guessing about whether the good guys will win, right to the end.

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read this book OR if you’ll be adding it to you TBR.


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