A Second Chance | Sunflowers in February | A Review

Happy Friday all!

I’m heading to my Grandfathers today so am hoping for a weekend of sun, because I know that I’ll have no time to read.

Speaking of sun – today’s review has the most sunniest cover that I’ve seen so far this year – it’s wonderful! Read on below.


Lily wakes up one crisp Sunday morning on the side of the road. She has no idea how she got there. It is all very peaceful. and very beautiful. It is only when the police car, and then the ambulance arrive, and she sees her own body, that she realises that she is in fact… dead. But what is she supposed do now? Lily has no option but to follow her body and see her family – her parents and her twin brother start falling apart. And then her twin brother Ben gives her a once in a deathtime opportunity – to use his own body for a while. But will Lily give Ben his body back? She is beginning to have a rather good time…

A moving, startlingly funny yet achingly sad debut novel from a stunning new talent.

I really liked the sound of this book, I thought the idea was fabulous and as the sentence says above, it’s a sad read, but wonderfully written.

My mini review for work:

A sudden death in the family, a ghost who isn’t quite ready to leave yet and the opportunity to have a little extra time – in her brothers body. But she must make sure that nobody knows; so sitting, dressing and acting like a boy causes a laughable task. Leaving us to question what happens after you die.

So Lily wakes up on the side of the road with no idea as to what happened to her. She tries to speak to those coming to her aid but no-one hears her. Turns out, she’s dead.

The book is told from Lily’s point of view as she watches her family and friend grieve and even watches her own funeral! That is until she realises that she can converse with her twin brother and hops into his body (literally!)

Lily takes this as her second chance, working to find out what happened to her and making a list of things to do before she’s ready to cross over. All before her brother comes back to take his rightful place in his body.

As you can tell my the theme of this book, it’s quite sad at points, but the way the author writes about what happens is beautifully written and we’re gifted with hilarious scenes and laughter mismatched throughout the book – such as when Lily tries and fails to act like her brother would.

A wonderful YA debut for those that like to read things a bit different, and not always with a happy ending.

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it. And if you haven’t, will you be adding it to your TBR?


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