Hollywood Infected Your Brain | Through His Eyes | Blog Tour

How is everyone’s Summer treating ya?

Here in the UK we’ve been hit with a HUGE heatwave, I’m not even joking. And to be honest, we have no idea how to cope.

Can we eat ice cream for dinner?

Is it acceptable to lounge around in our swimwear all day?

Edit: it was a lot, lot cooler today and we’re all so grateful for the afternoon of rain.

Today I’m taking part in the Through His Eyes blog tour written by Emma Dibdin.

This is the perfect summer read, full of sun, glitz and glamour, but with a dark, sinister side to it that’ll keep you up at night (and no I’m not talking about the cockroaches).


Jessica Harris has just received a career-making assignment. She’s going to interview Clark Conrad – A-list Hollywood heart-throb and Jessica’s secret teenage crush. Clark’s going through a messy divorce, and wants to rebrand himself in the public eye.

But halfway through her interview, Clark’s teenage daughter is found floating facedown in his infinity pool. And then his young girlfriend accuses him of abuse. 

As Clark’s world darkens, Jessica is drawn to help him. This is the man she’s always dreamed of being close to. And now he needs her. He can’t be the monster they say he is… can he?

Goodreads Review

A hard-hitting, gut-wrenching of a read. This mesmerising book is a fab read for the summer. Get enthralled as Jessica in the world of Hollywood. You just may forget to come up for air.

Star Rating – 4 Stars

It’s the kind of book that sucks you in, too enthralled to put down. Feeding you pieces of the puzzle before bringing you to the surprise ending. The major plot twist in a seemingly fairy-tale movie.

With a subtle nod to the current events happening Hollywood, especially to the ladies of the silver screen, readers are invited to take a peek behind the curtain to see exactly what goes on behind the closed communities. Seen through the eyes of, somewhat, naive Jessica, budding journalist who would do anything (though not that!) to get her big break, she’s left breathless and a bit out of her league when she snags a top-notch assignment to interview her childhood crush and star, but not before she catches his eye.

All is not as it seems and once the can of worms is opened, there’s no shutting it. And before long, Hollywood’s bright light becomes as dark as night, with monsters behind every corner. The girls must band together to combat this and it’s a powerful message to all – that not everything is not what it seems from the outside.

Be sure to follow along with the rest of the blog tour on Twitter and add this to your current summer reading list, you won’t be disappointed!

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