For Everyone | Everything I Know About Love | A Review

Twenty-somethings, have you ever been sat in traffic or on a commuter train or even curled up on your bed thinking ‘what the hell am I doing?’ Well, you’re not a alone.

Unfortunately, no-one created a manual for figuring this life stuff out and Dolly Alderton is here to tell you, that you’re not alone.


A spot-on, wildly funny and sometimes heart-breaking book about growing up, growing older and navigating all kinds of love along the way

When it comes to the trials and triumphs of becoming a grown up, journalist and former Sunday Times dating columnist Dolly Alderton has seen and tried it all. In her memoir, she vividly recounts falling in love, wrestling with self-sabotage, finding a job, throwing a socially disastrous Rod-Stewart themed house party, getting drunk, getting dumped, realising that Ivan from the corner shop is the only man you’ve ever been able to rely on, and finding that that your mates are always there at the end of every messy night out. It’s a book about bad dates, good friends and – above all else – about recognising that you and you alone are enough.

Glittering, with wit and insight, heart and humour, Dolly Alderton’s powerful début weaves together personal stories, satirical observations, a series of lists, recipes, and other vignettes that will strike a chord of recognition with women of every age – while making you laugh until you fall over. Everything I know About Love is about the struggles of early adulthood in all its grubby, hopeful uncertainty.

Netgalley Review

This book is funny. Not all funny, with recipes and advice and sad-times thrown in there. But it shows that we don’t all follow the same path and that love is never easy. The ending is nice in that it focuses more on the love of friends, a group of girlfriends, who, as shown in this book, stick together through pretty much everything. A wonderful read for those in their twenties or even those not.

Star Rating – 3 Stars

This hilarious , and in a fair few places, relatable read, is perfect for those in their twenties (or even those not). It’s the kind of read that puts its arm around the reader and say ‘you’re not alone, this happened too’.

This book will make you laugh, will make you cry, will make you look at your packed diary and lack of friend meet-ups and make a chance. If only a little. Too add a bit more love in your life; from friends and family, and search for something just a little bit better when it comes to love.

Because let’s face it, we all deserve a little bit better.

This book is filled with laughs and stories, hazardous first dates and first homes, it covers a lot of different things and would make the perfect gift for someone in their twenties or thirties.

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read the book and what you thought of it. And if you haven’t, will you be adding it to your TBR?


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