Making Space on my Bookshelves | Books on my Christmas List 2018

Working in a bookshop means that we get to see the new releases come in, as and when they’re released. Which can be a great thing, and a not so great thing, especially for my bank card!

So this year, I’ve added a couple of books to my Christmas list with the hope that I might get one for Christmas (because truth be told, although I’m a major bookworm, nobody buys my book tokens!)


Leon Happy One-Pot Cookbook

I’ve been recommended Leon cookbooks before and nothings really jumped out at me until I saw this come out late October time. I love one-pot cooking! It makes life so much easier and my flat smelling soooo good when I get home after a long day at work!

41cksyVmHGL._SX305_BO1204203200_Little by Edward Carey

Another recent release on my list, Little is the story of Madame Tussaud before she became Madame Tussaud. The illustrations in this book looking pretty gruesome but the story sounds pretty darn good!


Murder on Christmas Eve

I saw this book last year and never got round to buying it. A collection of short crime stories by well-known crime authors. Perfect fireside read!


Becoming by Michelle Obama

I’ve heard such good things about this book and heard so much about Michelle Obama. Her passion for life and what she believes in, and words of advice is something which everyone should probably hear.


What Would Boudicca Do? by Beth Coates and Elizabeth Foley

This book looks a hoot! Full of interesting words of wisdom from some of histories most ‘bad-ass’ women. The perfect book to read when you need a bit of courage to face the modern-day world.


Have You Eaten Grandma? by Giles Brandreth

I read Eat Shoots and Leaves when I was younger and don’t remember thinking too much about it, but since studying again and being introduced to the world of proofreaders, I totally get this book!


Although I have a rather large TBR pile, I’d love to jump into these books next year. Interesting to see a good few non-fiction on this list, especially as non-fiction didn’t interest me all that much a few years ago. Is this getting older?

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of these and what you thought of them. And if you haven’t, will you be adding any of these to your Christmas list this year?


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