Bookish Christmas Gifts 2018

I hope everyone’s had a fab Christmas this year and enjoyed the holidays.

I’ve spent the past couple of days relaxing, all whilst eating maybe a little bit too much food – oops!

But I’m sure you’re wondering what bookish things I got for Christmas? Well read on below for a mini run down.

Book Token

What do you get a bookworm/bookseller that has a TBR longer than her arm? A book token! I have a couple of thing I’d like to get (cookbook, another graphic novel) but I’ll wait and see what new releases are coming out this year that either a. look pretty or b. sound pretty good!

Lumberjanes Vol 3 by Noelle Stevenson

I was introduced to Noelle Stevenson’s graphic novels last year, buying both Nimona and Lumberjanes Vol 3. I’ve already read volume 3 (couldn’t help myself!) and I’m hoping the reading 3 before 2 won’t be too much of a big deal…

Moleskine Diary 2019

I’m a real sucker for Moleskine diaries at the moment and this year have gone for a smaller, week to view diary instead of a larger week to view diary. Perfect rucksack size!

So what did you all get for Christmas? Any new hardbacks or stationary? Or like me, did you get a book token that’s now burning a hole in your purse? As always, let me know in the comments below.


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