Love Travels Through Time | An Ocean of Minutes | A Review

Another month down guys. I’ve spent the past month interning for a publishing house so my reading time has been whilst sat on trains or waiting at stations, so my kindle has been perfect for these. So much so, that my Netgalley TBR pile might actually lower, who knows?

Today I’m reviewing An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim, a Netgalley review.


One of Real Simple’s Best Books of 2018, this “strikingly imaginative time-travel story” (Elan Mastai, bestselling author of All Our Wrong Todays) follows a couple struggling to maintain their love when they are at once weeks and many years apart, perfect for fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Handmaid’s Tale. 

In this “beautiful debut exploring how time, love, and sacrifice are never what they seem to be” (Kirkus Reviews), America is in the grip of a deadly flu pandemic. When Frank catches the virus, his girlfriend Polly will do whatever it takes to save him—even if it means risking everything. When she finds out there’s a company that has invented time travel, she agrees to a radical contract: if she signs up for a one-way-trip into the future to work as a bonded laborer, the company will pay for the life-saving treatment Frank needs. Polly promises to meet Frank again in Galveston, Texas, where she will arrive in twelve years.

But when Polly is re-routed an extra five years into the future, Frank is nowhere to be found. Alone in a transformed and divided America, with no status and no money, Polly must navigate a new life and find a way to locate Frank, to determine if he is alive, and if their love has endured.

An Ocean of Minutes is a gorgeous and heartbreaking story that paints an intimate portrait of endurance and complexity of human relationships and the cost of holding onto the past—and the price of letting it go. “Gripping and graceful, [An Ocean of Minutes] is a dystopian love story as told by a visionary. Thea Lim’s novel reads like the birth of a legend” (Mat Johnson, award-winning author of Pym and Loving Day).

Netgalley Review

Was an interesting concept, but seemed to jump around a bit – perhaps a bit like time travel? The ending is believable and the characters are interesting – a powerful look into time travel and the effects on modern life.

Star Rating – 3.5 Stars

The reason I picked this up was because I liked the concept, it sounded like something I would enjoy reading and I also enjoyed The Time Traveller’s Wife and this was likened to it.

I have to admit, at times, it was a bit confusing at first. The story jumps from past to present and it feels like there are two stories running alongside each other. Polly looking for Frank in the future, or in her present, and Polly and Frank meeting and living in the past, or in their present. (See what I mean? Confusing right?)

Perhaps this mirrors the characters confusion as well? The fact that they’ve been rushed through to the future and have no idea whats going on, the reader can sympathise with her.

A well-written and fascinating story about love, loss and moving on. Would recommend to readers who enjoy fiction and science fiction elements.

As always, let me know in the comments below if you’ve read the book and what you thought of it. And if you haven’t, will you be adding to your TBR pile?

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