It’s a Kinda Magic | Harry Potter Series

I couldn’t quite do a series of blog posts on series and not mention Harry Potter, now could I?

I did a Harry Potter month a few years back, writing reviews about each of the books and the characters, so if you wanna check those out, do click here!

The Harry Potter series is one of those series that is returned to time and time again, either via books or via movies. Hogwarts is a home to us, a place to lay our weary heads and learn magic.

It was all children’s dreams to find a letter to Hogwarts, am I right? (Or maybe we still have those dreams to attend Hogwarts?)

The series is full of magic, mayhem, adventure, love, loss and family – both blood and friends. It’s a fantastic series that I’m hoping to return to soon, as soon as I’ve made some sort of dent in my TBR pile! Haha!

Do you have a favourite in the series? I think mines either the first, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (The smallest and largest books in the series I think!)

As always, let me know in the comments below. AND as it’s the end of the series on series, what series would you recommend? Which have you enjoyed either recently or in the past? (See how many times I can get ‘series’ in a sentence?!)

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