Where the Wildness Starts | The Wild Places | A Review

Hello all! After inadvertently taking a few months off I’m back with reviews. I spent the past few months getting the bookshop ready for reopening, getting used to a busy bookshop again and taking some time out to read some previously published books that had been sat on my TBR for a  while. And let me tell you, it was lovely!

Today I’m reviewing The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane.


Are there any genuinely wild places left in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales? That is the question that writer Robert Macfarlane poses to himself as he embarks on a series journeys through some of the archipelago’s most remarkable landscapes. As he climbs, walks, and swims in all manner of weather – sleeping on cliff tops and remote beaches, deep in snowy wildwoods and ancient meadows, and bathing in phosphorescent seas or hiking frozen rivers at night – his understanding of nature is transformed. With lyrical elegance and passion, he entwines history and landscape in a bewitching evocation of wildness and its vital importance.

Star Rating4 Stars

I feel like this book started me off on my month (possibly two month) long nature read binge. It wasn’t the first nature writing book I read (the first being The Wild Remedy by Emma Mitchell) but after finally taking the time to sit down and actually read it, it made me want to pick up more! 

The book starts in Cambridge, so my neck of the woods, and travels all around the UK – Scotland, Ireland, the Peaks, before ending in Cambridge once again. Full circle.

I have to admit, at times, I felt like I should be reading the book with a dictionary next to me. There was a number of times where I had to google something or a bird that Macfarlane had seen, but what kept me reading was what he was talking about. 

I loved the mixture of history and geography as he explored, inviting readers to follow through the marsh, woods and fields. I definitely found myself intrigued to find out more and go exploring myself (once able to!) 

So, have you guys picked up any nature writing books and would you recommend any I should read? If not, will you be giving The Wild Places a read? Let me know in the comments below!


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