How To Bring Him Back by Claire HM

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for How To Bring Him Back by Claire HM, a short novella published by Fly on the Wall Press on October 8th and available now!


‘How to Bring Him Back’ is a journey into a darkly humorous love triangle. It’s 90s Birmingham and Cait is post-university, aimless and working in a dive bar. She’s caught between Stadd, who’s stable, funny, compatible as a friend, and her compulsive sexual attraction with Rik. Present day Cait picks up her pen, on her yearly writing retreat to Aberystwyth, and addresses an absent Stadd with the lessons she has learnt from her past.

Exploring the dynamics of desire and consent while reflecting upon the damage people can inflict on each other in relationships, Claire is an exciting and bold writer for the modern age.


First off the cover. The cover is always the thing that grabs my attention first and this cover is both bright and the illustrations are pretty fab! They tell a story in themselves and all feature in the story at parts.

It’s interesting how the book jumps between an unformed younger Cait who doesn’t know what or who she wants or what she’s doing, and then an older Cait who has more of an idea, has grown over time, and is just looking back to figure out what happened from what she now knows.

It’s a powerful story and packs a well-aimed punch. It’s filled with anger, regret, sadness and hope. A fab short read!

Many thanks to Isabelle Kenyon at Fly on the Wall Press for sending me a review copy of How To Bring Him Back by Claire HM.

Be sure to follow the rest of the blog tour over on Twitter!

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