Book Goals 2022

Welcome to 2022!

When it comes to reading habits, mine have changed a fair amount over the past few years. I’ve worked in the book industry for around 7 years, and as a bookseller was introduced to a variety of different genres.

I made myself a list of book goals last year and quietly worked through those. I managed to complete 5 out of 6 of those and so decided to do it again this year.

It’s not necessarily a TBR but I found last year that it helps focus on other reading avenues, for example, audiobooks, my slowly growing hardback pile, and Ebooks I’d bought in 99p sales (anyone else a sucker for those?)

In no particular order, here are my book goals for 2022:

  • Read 50 books

Last year I read 130 books. This included novellas, graphic novels, audio books etc. The past couple of years, I’ve given myself a mid-range goal of books I want to read. I think it’s less stressful that way.

  • Read The Witcher Series

Ah, The Witcher series… it’s on pretty much everyone’s lips. My partner’s played the video games, we’ve watched the first season of the show, the animated movie, and now? Well, now I’ve decided to give the books a read.

  • Finish 2 book series

Last year I completed 6 book series that I had. I seem to be very good at either reading the first or second in the series and not finishing them, so that’s something to work on again this year.

  • Read 2 hardbacks

I don’t have too many hardbacks. A friend of mine a good couple of years ago, said that you couldn’t curl up with a hardback and I tend to agree. Smaller hardbacks aren’t too bad, but I do have around a dozen hardbacks that could do with reading…

  • Get Netgalley TBR to 150 books (or under)

Netgalley is fantastic for reviewers with not so much shelf space, BUT I’ve let it grow and grow over the past few years I’ve been using it so a much-needed crack at all the books on this list is much needed.

  • Read 2 non-fiction books

Last year I properly got into reading non-fiction books, predominately naturing writing, and a bit of mythology. I still have a handful of non-fiction books to read, but it would be nice to keep reading them alongside fiction reads.

And there you have it. An eclectic mixture of reading goals for 2022. What will you be reading this year?


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