Dishonored: The Veiled Terror | A Review

Can you guys believe we're mere days away from September? I certainly can't. Today's my final video game book review and it's been one hell of a month - we've covered Halo, The Division, God of War - what's left? Today I'm reviewing a book set in the Dishonored universe, The Veiled Terror by Adam … Continue reading Dishonored: The Veiled Terror | A Review

God of War | A Review

Today I'm reviewing God of War by J.M. Barlog, the official novelization of the game. Y'know? THE GAME! Can I just say right now that the God of War game is/was AH-MAZE-ING and I was completely besotted with the storyline and so when I heard that there was a book, well duh, was I gonna … Continue reading God of War | A Review