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NewsFlash | Tommy V Cancer Blog Tour

Hi guys! I’m so excited this month to be involved with an amazing group of bloggers on the #TommyVCancer blog tour. Children’s book author Tommy Donbavand is currently fighting a battle with Throat Cancer. And to support him in his fight, a group of book bloggers have come together to help. Every day throughout the […]

The Curious Tail of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit has been thrown into the current market like a surfer on an on-coming wave. Since published in 1902 Beatrix Potter and her collection of furry friends have never been too far from the spotlight. With a movie released in 2006 titled, Miss Potter depicting Beatrix Potter’s life before fame and with the extra push of The National […]

News in Books | Do We Need To ‘Dumb Down’ Da Vinci? This has caused quite a stir on Twitter this past week. And has received a mixed number of comments and opinions. If you don’t know, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code was published in 2003 by Transworld and Bantam Books, now a very successful series and movie franchise, The Da Vinci Code has been […]

Book Review | Radical Self Love by Gala Darling

So I had another blog post planned for tonight but instead, since finishing said book last week, I thought, Hey! Why not actually put your English Degree to good use and actually write a review. And Voila, here it is! If you haven’t heard of Gala I’m pretty sure you’ve been living under a rock […]

Them Were The Days | Authors From My Childhood – Jacqueline Wilson

Reading has always been a passion of mine, my father has just recently said that I’ve been reading since I was three, so it’s really no surprise that I ended up in publishing (FYI, I work in publishing). Over the years I’ve read a good few books, some by the same authors and I have a few […]

New Release To Wet Your Appetite

As if it isn’t enough that it’s been announced that Little Brown Publishers will release a new Harry Potter book (technically) titled ‘The Cursed Child’ later this year. There are many more books to look forward to over the oncoming months.  In the oncoming month (covering the end of May and start of June) in particular there are few […]

Foody Recipes for Spring

So spring is well and truly here and with the bringing of warm weather comes the eating of cold food. No I don’t mean constantly eating ice cream for dinner (although that is totally okay), or eating your cheese on toast cold (again, that is totally fine if you like to eat cheese on toast cold), […]