Monthly Archives: December 2016

Taking a peek into the Future | Book Releases to look forward to

This blog post was supposed to go out earlier today, but as I’m sure you can agree the days between Boxing Day and New Years rushes by, and before you know it, it’s the evening, you haven’t eaten dinner and the blog post draft is staring at you. No? Just me then. 2016 has brought […]

It’s Christmas | Books as Presents

Hi guys! So I hope you had a great couple of days celebrating Christmas. Maybe eaten too much food? Watched too much TV? Didn’t exercise? Well, that’s basically my Christmas in a few words, but you know what? It’s Christmas and that’s what this time is for, time to spend with friends and family! My […]

Drum roll please… | Favourite Book Cover of 2016

Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow guys!? Ahhhhhhh! So close! Anyways… So I’m a bit of a Cover lover, seriously. If the cover is nice, I’m bound to buy it, after reading the blurb first, though of course it has happened before, where I haven’t read the blurb and just bought the book for […]

Movie Night | Top 5 Christmas Movies

We’re in the final week guys! Are you ready? Bought and wrapped all the presents? Sent the Christmas cards and organised everything ready for the big day? If not, don’t worry you have a few more days yet. If you are ready and super organised this year (good for you!) then take a seat, put […]

It’s Christmas | My Top 5 Christmas Songs (Plus Bonus Songs)

This was originally posted last year, but as it’s Christmas time, I’ve brought it back to this year and added a few bonus songs to the list!  So since yesterday I really got into the Christmas mood, which is always a good thing, getting this close to Christmas. I spent most of Friday, at work, […]

Bah Humbug | A Christmas Carol | A Review

How can it get to Christmas and we not discuss this book? This was one of the books I studied at A Level (my teachers idea, not mine) and have watched a numerous variation of the story on both big and small screen. It’s a dead giveaway that when Christmas arrives, as will Charles Dickens […]

New Christmas Books on the Market | December 2016

So after my blog post here, about a few of the books on my Christmas book this year, I thought I’d take a look online and see what sort of Christmas books are on sale this year. Note: These are by no means, the entire Christmas books on sale this year, just a few of […]