Bookish Christmas Gifts 2018

I hope everyone's had a fab Christmas this year and enjoyed the holidays. I've spent the past couple of days relaxing, all whilst eating maybe a little bit too much food - oops! But I'm sure you're wondering what bookish things I got for Christmas? Well read on below for a mini run down. Book … Continue reading Bookish Christmas Gifts 2018

Small But Mighty | ‘Little Books’ Review

Around September time I received a few 'little books' from Abrams and Chronicle publishers. I've posted all of these on Instagram as they look so cute and are designed really well! The Red Book of Luck by Amy Treadwell With this book as your guide, learn the potential luck in everyday things, decipher the elements of … Continue reading Small But Mighty | ‘Little Books’ Review

Just A Few | Favourite Books I’ve Read This Year

Looking at my Goodreads, I've read nearly 100 books... Let that just sink in for a moment. Wow! I've read graphic novels, poetry, proofs, new releases, hardbacks, paperback, ebooks - pretty much a wide variety in both reading material and genres. So now's the time to pick my favourite 5, see below. The Seven Deaths … Continue reading Just A Few | Favourite Books I’ve Read This Year