Bookish Christmas Gifts 2018

I hope everyone's had a fab Christmas this year and enjoyed the holidays. I've spent the past couple of days relaxing, all whilst eating maybe a little bit too much food - oops! But I'm sure you're wondering what bookish things I got for Christmas? Well read on below for a mini run down. Book … Continue reading Bookish Christmas Gifts 2018


Small But Mighty | ‘Little Books’ Review

Around September time I received a few 'little books' from Abrams and Chronicle publishers. I've posted all of these on Instagram as they look so cute and are designed really well! The Red Book of Luck┬áby Amy Treadwell With this book as your guide, learn the potential luck in everyday things, decipher the elements of … Continue reading Small But Mighty | ‘Little Books’ Review

Just A Few | Favourite Books I’ve Read This Year

Looking at my Goodreads, I've read nearly 100 books... Let that just sink in for a moment. Wow! I've read graphic novels, poetry, proofs, new releases, hardbacks, paperback, ebooks - pretty much a wide variety in both reading material and genres. So now's the time to pick my favourite 5, see below. The Seven Deaths … Continue reading Just A Few | Favourite Books I’ve Read This Year