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Auld Lang Syne | Top Blog Post of the Year

I thought I’d end the year with a bit of a reflection post, a round-up of my favourite posts to write and those that you, my readers read over and over. My favourite post to write was probably my Birthday post. Here I’d rounded up the best bits of what the blog had achieved over […]

All I Want for Christmas | Bookish Things for Christmas 2017

Happy Holidays guys! I hope you all had a wonderful and (hopefully) relaxing Christmas. I worked all the way up to Christmas Eve and spent both Christmas Day and Boxing Day travelling, so I’ll be glad to relax and read on my days off after the New Year! Anyways, on to my Christmas Presents. This […]

Stay Another Day | Books on my Christmas List | 2017 Editions

Can you guys believe we’re so close to Christmas? I can’t, but working where I do and seeing the rush of people and staff just goes to show how close we are! I see a lot of new books on my social media and at work and sometimes, just sometimes, it’s hard to not buy […]

I Wish it could be Christmas Everyday | Favourite Young Adult Book | 2017 Edition

It’s a week until Christmas. Can you believe it? I actually feel pretty ready right now, got one more present arriving in the post and then wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. Although today was the day I chose to write and send Christmas Card – a bit late, don’t ya think? Anyway, today I’m taking a look […]

Mr Popular | Dating the IT guy | Book Blitz

Today I’m taking part in the book blitz for Dating the IT guy by Krysten Lindsay Hager, a book set the teenage years, dealing with love, loss and family. Blurb Emme is a sophomore in high school who starts dating, Brendon Agretti, the popular senior who happens to be a senator’s son and well-known for […]

Power of Love | New Christmas Books | 2017 Edition

Have you noticed by now that my Christmas blog posts have Christmas Music names? No? Well, now you do! Today I’m taking a closer look at the new Christmas books for this year, you can check out the one I did last year, here. One of the things I’ve loved about working as a Bookseller […]

Christmas Lights | Favourite Fiction Book/s 2017

Just a quick note to say that this also includes Crime fiction books I’ve read this year, so there won’t be just one book. That and I thought I’d all bung it together, but I’ll let you know when the book is fiction and when it’s crime. Looking at my Goodreads account, I’ve read 100 […]