First Impressions of: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J K Rowling

So I know this book came out years ago but I never actually got around to reading it. Don’t get me wrong I was a Harry Potter fan and I watched all the movies but I just never got in to reading the books. So I was quite pleased when this book came up on my reading list for Children’s Literature.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is the first book in the Harry Potter Series, there are 7 books in total. Each of these books have been turned into a movie franchise but this book in particular has won triple smarties awards. And coming from someone who wrote HP and couldn’t find a publisher then I bet those publishers that turned her down are kicking themselves now.

I’m sure you all know about HP and his adventures, and if you haven’t I advise you to go read them now because the movie just doesn’t do this justice. Yes the movie covers some of the story but there are bits which are missed out.

Overall though I love the way that HP is written. Although it is mainly for older children to read anyone at any age could read this and thoroughly enjoy this. I struggled to put the book down and finished it in two days!

The characters of course are written well and how J K Rowling explains quidditch and describes the characters are integrated well into the story and not just on a whim.
But then again when you do see the movie the way they’ve taken her descriptions of Hogwarts and the events and taken it to the silver screen is well done and I am in awe as to how they bring books and characters alive.

Now excuse me while I go and read the rest of the series!


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